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Out with the old, in with the new

This is definitely the most unenthused New Year's Eve I've had in a while. A long while.

Now, to be fair, even at the best of times I'm not that person with the 2019 glasses partying til midnight. Let's be real, I'm an introvert and partying is basically my worst NYE nightmare. But I'm usually a little more introspective. Very introspective. I love making little resolutions or setting intentions or thinking about how I'd like to be better. I love watching my favourite YouTubers talking about their resolutions or their no-buy years or their happiness projects or 25 Ways To Make Your Resolutions Work.

But not this year.

This year marks the first time that I am done with trying to be better than I am.

Not that there isn't room for improvement, only that I'm willing to let it happen naturally instead of trying to force my own hand with lists and goals and intention-setting. I'll get there someday, maybe. But frankly, I'm pretty happy with who I am now.

If I had to set an intention, it would be this: Just forget about everything and focus on the moment.

Does that even count as an intention? I'm not sure. But it's how I feel.

You know how else I feel? Just while we're on the subject.

Tired. Much too tired to bother with goal-setting.

So Happy New Year's to all you beautiful souls who don't want to change. Who can't be bothered. Who are glad to welcome a New Year in quietly and without a huge fuss. Cheers.

Not me. But usually me this time of year.

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