Cycling: Brave

I am a big "Yoga with Adriene" fan. And since I've been cleared by my Dr. to go back to Normal Life after the hysterectomy, I've been easing back into yoga. Last night, lying on the floor with my prayer hands at my third eye, good old Adriene encouraged me to create an affirmation by completing the phrase "I choose...". In these situations, I let whatever wafts up to my conscious mind first be the signal for what I really need, and this affirmation bubbled up very quickly: "I

Cycling: Beginning

One of the things I love most about being an unattached adult with no dependents is the ability to realize my hare-brained schemes with nothing but my own sense of self-preservation to hold me back. It's a family trait, really; hare-brained schemes keep life interesting and are a spectacular way to fail or succeed and learn new things along the way. And what is life about if it isn't learning things along the way? To that end, I have made the decision to sell my car and buy a


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